PS 139 Chess Ninjas shine at City Championships!

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With the help of our dedicated coaching staff and incredible parent support community, the PS 139 Chess-Ninjas took MANY awards at this years New York City Championship. All our squads produced excellent results, and no opportunities were missed. Here’s the final breakdown:
K-6 Under 1500 Team takes 5th place:
Ruby Sering Pearce
Nangchung Kalsang
Jonas Ernesto Flores-Zeledon
Benjamin Brown
Lata Bhattarai
Abyl Dowshen Flores
K-6 Under 700 Team takes 16th place:
Nayla J Garcia
Lia Barros
Naira Gonzales
Sophie Delilah Schechter
Esmeralda Lopez
Individual honors: Nayla Garcia wins 4.0/5, ties for 10th place
K-3 Under 600 Team takes 4th place:
Amishna Gurung
Miro Lunn Lerner
Caitlin Ala-toh Adams
Avi Taye
Jordy Puebla
Harrison Robert Fred Leese
Brayan Julian Flores
Individual honors: Amishna Gurung wins 4.0/5, ties for 7th place
K-1 Under 400 Team takes 10th place:
Miles Gregorio Dowshen Flores
Jack Henry West
Lino Amaha-Selasse Daniel
Chase Puebla
Hannah Flores-zeledon
Individual honors: Miles Dowshen Flores wins 5.0/5, then a blitz playoff, to take clear first place individual — City Champion of all K-1 Under 400 players!

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