2019 Participatory Budgeting Results!

AT PS 139, your voice matters! We believe in democracy and want everyone in our community to become an active citizen, so we invite you to decide how to spend part of the Parent Association budget.

This Spring the school and Parent Association asked for your ideas for what would improve the school, and students, parents, staff and teachers proposed hundreds of ideas! In May and June, 1,121 of you voted to decide which of the 12 finalists to fund! THANK YOU!

The Parent Association originally set aside $10,000 each for your ideas, and the PA was so impressed with your participation that we’re investing more money in your priorities. The PA will commit $11,100 to fund the top four projects, and will also fund two additional projects that we can fit in the budget, for $14,200 total.

Here are the winning projects that will happen next year:

Nature Playground – A new space that will be created in front of the school to nature exploration, climbing and free play

Artist Club (Grades 3-5) – Advanced instruction for artists with opportunities to learn new techniques and have a safe space to be creative

Library Makeover – Comfy chairs, learning games, soft lighting and (of course) BOOKS that kids will LOVE!

Roadrunners Club -Students can join a running club in the spring and fall to learn about the joys of running. Runners will also receive a special water bottle!

Soccer Club – America Scores to brings in a soccer coach to implement a day of soccer and a day of Team Building activities for the earlier grades.

Family Room (partial funding) – Fix up our Family Room with a laptop station, mini-fridge, shelving, a color printer, and a coffee maker so that families may have a home in the school for workshops and meetings

See the full results below. Thank you to the students, parents, teachers, and staff who voted, proposed ideas, or donated to make PB possible! Special thanks to Megan Jonynas and Megan Demarkis for leading PB this year, and Laurie Davidson and Josh Lerner for supporting PA involvement – and to Principal McDonald, Irene Varon, and the other school staff and teachers for embracing democracy at PS 139!

If your idea didn’t win, please bring it and other new ideas back next year, and get involved in the PA to help make your ideas happen. Stay tuned for more updates on next steps, and thank you everyone!


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