Curriculum & Academic Programs


Students at PS 139 are immersed in common-core aligned math experiences that are designed to develop a love of mathematics and the belief that math is an authentic experience. Math classrooms are full of discussions, questions and a lot of excitement! Our primary curriculum is Investigations, a program that emphasizes the way the students construct meaning in mathematics. In addition to Investigations, we do open ended problem solving, where students are pushed to collaborate with classmates in order to make sense of complex problems and persevere through solving them. We are seeking to develop flexible thinkers through daily mental math problems using Number Talks by Sherry Parrish. Our classroom teachers are supported by a full time math coach and a math leadership team who work closely with a math consultant from Metamorphosis and Southern Cross Consultancy.



PS 139 is a Teachers College Reading and Writing Project school. We believe that it is our responsibility to build lifelong learners who not only can read and write, but choose and love to do so. Our students benefit from a literacy-rich environment that includes authentic reading and writing experiences as well as explicit instruction. Students engage in read aloud, discussion, reading workshop, and writing workshop daily.



The Science Team at PS 139 aims to Prepare and Inspire: K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education for America’s Future. It is our goal to support and encourage every young scientist by making science accessible to and achievable for each and every student. The science program incorporates resources and ideas from Delta Foss and Harcourt School Publishers which are aligned with New York State Standards for Science Instruction and Curriculum. We emphasize a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to learning. Our goal is to make science fun and relevant in the classroom.


Social Studies


Spanish-English Dual Language 

The Spanish-English dual language program began at PS 139 in the 2014-2015 school year with one kindergarten class. Each year one new classroom will opened until there is one DL class in each grade, PreK through 5th. We believe that our dual language program is one way to help our students become biliterate, bilingual and bicultural. Children who know more than one language have intellectual, educational, personal, social, and economic advantages that will continue throughout their lives.

Our DL program is designed as a stand alone model in which one teacher teaches both languages (50/50) each day of the week. Each classroom enrolls 50% native English speakers and 50% native Spanish speakers to balance language content instruction and for each language group to serve as models for each other.


Social and Emotional Learning

Behavior leadership is a priority at PS 139. Our goal is to ensure that all students are being respectful, responsible, and safe. Expectations are clearly defined and a common language is used throughout the school environment in order to support positive behavior. Each month our school focuses on a different behavioral skill that is explicitly taught in the classroom. Being an active listener, sharing and taking turns, and understanding another’s point of view, are examples of social skills that are explored.

Youth Development coordinates student government and service projects which provide opportunities for students to exercise leadership and support student social emotional growth. Examples include: students raising money for Muscular Dystrophy by participating in a Pajama Hop, The Penny Harvest, and creating Valentine’s cards for people at community senior centers.

Our goal is to have an environment where courtesy and kindness prevail and where there is a genuine respect for all. When problems arise, we work positively to find solutions. We believe each student has the final responsibility for the consequences of his/her own behavior.

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