Parent Association

The Parent Association (PA) at PS 139 brings parents together to organize and fund amazing programs, activities, and events to improve the school and support students. All parents of students currently attending the school are members of the Parent Association. Parents include parents by birth or adoption, step-parents, legally appointed guardians, foster parents, and persons in parental relation to a child.

All parents are invited to join one of the existing committees or create a new one.

Click HERE to see how the PA uses the funds it raises to help our school.

Email to contact the Parent Association.

Goals of the Parent Association

  • Provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the children
  • Develop a cooperative working relationship between school parents and staff
  • Develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement
  • Foster and encourage parent participation on all levels
  • Provide opportunities and training for parents to participate in school governance and decision-making

Ways to get involved

  • Come to our monthly meetings! Bring your questions, ideas, or concerns.
  • Join our email list! Subscribe at to stay informed about the school.
  • Join our Facebook group! Join at Joining this private group does not make you Facebook friends with other members.
  • Donate to the Parent Association! Donate via PayPal at or leave a donation with your information in the PA box in the Main Office.
  • Share an idea! If you have an idea of an initiative you’d like the PA to take on, bring it to a meeting, share it with a board member, or email it to
  • Volunteer! Help out when you can. The PA will email when it needs support (e.g. events, flyers, baking). Email to join the volunteer list.
  • Join or create a committee! Join an existing committee or start a new one. Committees work together on focused projects and typically meet once a month.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the leadership team for the PA.

  • Co-Presidents — Juno Turner & Jophrane Ligonde
  • Co-Vice Presidents— Jessica Dowshen & Kelly Lisman
  • Co-Secretaries — Orli LeWinter & Betsy Velazquez
  • Co-Treasurers — Megan Leese & Karla Zeledon
  • Co-Chairs of Fundraising — Holly Anger & Rachael Nevins
  • Co-Chairs of Event Planning — Richard LaMarita and Teres Rodney
  • Co-Chairs of Family Engagement — Maria Durran and Josh Lerner
  • Chair of Technology & Communications — Michelle Chang
  • Chair of the Garden Committee — Colleen Graves
  • Co-Chairs of Library Committee — Caolan Madden & Gila Engelman
  • Co-Chairs of the 5th Grade Committee — Malika Green & Valeriya Kostinenko
  • Co-Chairs of the Class Parents Committee — Kate Rose Williams & Orli LeWinter

Standing Committees

Family Engagement: Help reach out to families new to our school, families of ENL (English as a New Language) students, provide translation, and build a stronger, inclusive school community.

Garden: Help grow our gardens and outdoor spaces, and help children and families enjoy and learn from them.

Technology & Communications: Help with the communication and design of PA and school initiatives through multiple technology channels such as web, social media, email and text. Bring technology opportunities to students.

5th Grade: Help plan an amazing year of events and activities for students’ final year at PS 139.

Teacher Support: Help provide teachers with materials, supplies, and resources.

Event Planning: Help plan, or volunteer at, community-building events like Harvest Night and Movie Night.

Fundraising: Help research and pursue funding outside of the school (such as grants, government funds, and donations from individuals and businesses) and organize fundraising events for the school community.

Class Parents: Work towards creating a culture of class parents at PS 139, who can serve as a point person for the class to help organize and engage their fellow parents, and also be a link to the Parent Association.

To join a standing committee, email

PS 139 Parent Association Bylaws (Revised 2018)

Parent Association Meeting Minutes:


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