Ever wonder where the money you donate to the PS 139 Parent Association goes?  The PA operates on a budget and a set of funds that is completely separate from the school. With your contributions, we are able to provide an amazing level of support and enrichment for students, staff and families. See below for more details on the categories listed in the expenses chart.


Includes a variety of school programs and initiatives funded by the PA. Recurring programs include the PS 139 Garden, recorders for the Music program, anti-bullying workshops, Family Engagement, contributions to the Chess and 5th Grade Committees and even Fish Tank maintenance! Some programs are chosen through PS 139’s annual Participatory Budgeting Process, where students, staff and families propose and vote on projects to be funded by the PA. Recent funded projects included 4th Grade trips to the Museum of Math, and Creative Play Materials for Indoor Recess.


The PA funds several clubs every Fall and Spring. Past and current offerings include: Visual arts, Drama, Journalism, Robotics, Technology, Yoga and more! Some of these clubs are selected through the school’s Participatory Budgeting Process, where students, staff and families vote on projects to be funded by the PA.  Note that there are also other PS 139 clubs, including all the music clubs, sports club, Brooklyn Steppers & America Scores which are funded/ run by the school and/or partner organizations, not the PA. The Chess Club and Chess Ninjas Team are run by Impact Coaching Network (ICN), and relies on both contributions from chess families and dedicated fundraising done by the PA’s Chess Committee.


These funds go towards expenses related to fundraising events, such as the annual Miss Chocolate fundraisers, School Pictures, the Winter Party & Auction, and School Merchandise. Most of this money is recouped by funds raised at the event.


These are events the PA puts on throughout the school year to bring the school community together (as opposed to fundraising) such as Bounce Back to School, Harvest Night, Movie Nights, Multicultural Night, Science Night, Staff Appreciation Lunch and Concerts in the Yard.


These funds support teachers in various ways, including stocking a supply closet, field trip scholarships, jerseys for the PS 139 Tigers Basketball team and more.


Childcare and food at PA meetings, office expenses, Presidents Council membership


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