Enrichment Programming

PS 139 offers enrichment programs before, during, and after the regular school day. The school administration, in collaboration with the Parent Association, provide a rich variety of ​enrichment opportunities. All children have the opportunity to participate in these ​either within their classroom as a residency or as a club ​after school. Below is a sampling of the types of programmings that are offered throughout the school year.

Email pa@ps139.org with questions about enrichment opportunities at PS 139.

Arts Programming

PS 139 has a rich history of providing all students with an arts education. Through passionate instruction from our full-time music and dance staff, students participate in arts classroom-based instruction and may join a number of clubs that meet before, during and after school. Clubs include opportunities for students to immerse themselves in dance, guitar, band (clarinet, trumpet, french hours, drums, etc), orchestra (violin,viola, cello, etc), choir, and bell choir.

*More info on the NYC Department of Education’s Blueprint for the Arts


Residencies happen during the regular school day to enhance a curricular area and increase enrichment opportunities for all grades. Current residencies include:

  • Nature Based – Lower and upper grades participate in programming that is designed to make connections to the school garden and enhance science, ecology, and the nature surrounding them in NYC.
  • Studio in a School – Upper grades have the opportunity to work with a professional artist to build foundational art skills and develop 21st century skills of communication and problem solving.
  • Chess – In 2007, PS 139 created a full-time in-house chess program. This comprehensive program reaches the entire school population. Each year every child in the school receives chess instruction in their classrooms, from Kindergarten through 5th grade. If a child expresses interest in and commitment to chess, they may be invited to join the after-school chess club and later join the team to compete in both NYC-based and travel tournaments.
  • A number of other short-term residency programs that are offered throughout the year to all grades include: Yoga, Video Production, and more.

After School Clubs

PS 139 has a proud history of providing a number of after school clubs for 8-12 week sessions for grades from Kindergarten through 5th. Clubs are facilitated by PS 139 teaching staff, are free or charge, and last for 30-60 minutes either before or after school. Funding for these clubs is provided by both the school and Parent Association.

Clubs have included, but are not limited to the following:

  • Visual Arts
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Save the World (Science)
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Steppers
  • Theater

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